Teen Food Reviews

Three teenagers' perspective on restaurants, covering food, atmosphere, price (for all those starving uni students) and customer service, especially towards teen diners.

Currently based in Cairns, Australia.

Hanna The nerdy teen, a level 85 Warlock, ruling the World of Warcraft, Hanna dedicates her time to everything technology. Also casually employed in the retail industry.

Ayano The musical teen, a classy and sophisticated muso, classically trained in piano also studying at university. Currently not employed.

Dylan The business teen, working full time, and studying he has little spare time, which he likes to spend enjoying with friends and family over a classy meal and some intriguing conversation.

Three teenagers give their point of view on Cairns’ restaurants - food, customer service, atmosphere and price.


The Cairns Waterbar & Grill Steakhouse is located at the Pier, overlooking the marina. Ph. 40 311 199.


Ayano: (Thai Beef Salad) It was actually preeeeeetty good. The beef in it was better than the ones at uni. It wasn’t too spicy either… like the uni one… 8/10.

Dylan: (350g rump steak served with chips and salad) Well done, no complaints. 8/10.

Hanna: (Fish and Chips, with beer-battered flathead and a side salad) Chips were aweeeeesome, but the flathead kind of tasted like fridge. Granted, I’m spoiled with a father who brings me home fresh fish, but they could’ve done a little better. On the other hand, the side salad was delicious. 6/10.


Ayano: The music wasn’t old people music..which was good. The music was there..but it was subtle. And no..it wasn’t classical music either. :P 6/10.

Dylan: relaxed, casual but with pleasant views over the marina. Set away from main drag which means no through traffic or excessive hustle and bustle. Lighting was trying to set a mood by being dim, however was trying a little bit too hard. 6/10.

Hanna: It was a nice resturant overall, with nice water views, but our table was on a fairly serious slant. Not enough to spill drinks, but enough to make it awkward. The lighting was also a bit too dim, with fantastically classy fake candles. 5/10.

Customer Service:

Ayano: The staff were nice and stuff.. we didn’t get evil stared or anything. :D Which was nice. 8/10.

Dylan: attentive waiters were friendly and prompt with service. Food preparation time was reasonable for an early friday evening, we were checked upon that our meals were satisfactory on a few occasions throughout. 8/10.

Hanna: The staff were excellent. Presentation could be improved on, but they prompt and friendly… and our drinks waiter had nice arms. 8/10.


Ayano: I think I got value for money. I was pretty full..or at least 8/10ths full. Oh and we got free bread. Which was handy. Cause I like free stuff. :) 8/10.

Dylan: serving size in reference to price was alright, drinks a little over priced, and having to pay for additions such as a side sauce makes it outside of the price range for regular returns. 7/10.

Hanna: Considering the fridge-fish, prices for meals could’ve been a bit cheaper. Also, $4 a drink made me cringe a little. However, I guess the price was fairly reasonable, considering the lovely location… and waiter with nice arms. 6/10.

Overall ratings:

Food: 7/10.

Atmosphere: 6/10.

Customer Service: 8/10.

Price: 7/10.